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Monday, November 23, 2009

Religion Outside the Box

There is a weekly email I receive from a man named Rabbi Brian Zachary Mayer called The 77% Weekly. (He also has a website called "Religion Outside the Box". Brian was ordained as a Jewish rabbi, and for a time served a congregation in Los Angeles. He left that work to become a high school math teacher, and also to begin a new kind of ministry, outside the bounds of organized religion. I first heard of him when he was interviewed on CBC radio's Tapestry, a weekly program about contemporary religion and spirituality. (That interview can be found by searching the CBC radio offerings on iTunes.)

The reason I mention all this is that this week the email from Rabbi Brian is a great companion piece to the sermon I gave on Sunday, about our cosmology, or view of the life, the universe and everything.

It would not be right for me to reproduce Rabbi Brian's work here, but you can find it for yourself at: