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Monday, June 28, 2010

It's all good

I wrote this "Creation Rhythm Poem" a few years ago. It has been used in a number of different churches, and other settings. It has been published, but I think I still own the rights to it, so I am putting it on this blog. In a day or two I hope to add a link to a soundfile of the poem being "performed" in worship this past Sunday. I used it as part of a Sunday School recognition service that had the theme of nurturing growth.

In the beginning... There was quiet.
Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh.
There’d never been sound.
Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh

God said, “Light!”
Light. Light. Light. Light.
God said “Day” God said, “Night”.
Day. Night. Day. Night.

God made the Sky. The sky was high.
Sky High Sky High
God said, “Wet.” God said, “Dry”
Wet Dry Wet Dry

God made the sea. God made the land.
Wet Sea. Dry Land
Wind Water Waves Sand
God made a beach. God made rhythm.

Day Night Day Night
Wet Dry Wet Dry
Earth Sky Earth Sky
God said, “It’s good”

Good Good Good Good

God made things grow.
Plants Trees Plants Trees
Bark Leaves Bark Leaves
Fruit Seeds Fruit Seeds
Growing is good.

Good Good Good Good

Then God made stars. And God made time
God made rhythm. God made rhyme.
Stars Time Rhythm Rhyme
And it was good.

Good Good Good Good

God made the Sun God made the Moon.
God made midnight. God made noon.

God made fish, and birds and whales
God made fins and wings and tails.
God made swallows and guppies and eggs.
God made beaks and feathers and legs.
God told them to go, and grow, and thrive.
God said the word, and the world came alive.

Then it got really good.

Good Good Good Good

God made cows, and frogs
God made gerbils and dogs.
God made weasels and mosquitoes and camels and beavers and lions and spiders,
And God just kept making and making and making.
God made more insects and fish and birds and animals
and microbes and other living creatures than we could ever count.

And they’re all good.

Good Good Good Good

God made people to care for the earth
The birds and bananas and the bees and the dirt,
The dolphins and the weasels and the frogs and the trees.
The pandas and the kittens and the chimpanzees.

God made you. God made me
God made our friends. And our family
God made us to sing, and play and pray
To dream at night and work in the day.

Dream Play Night Day

Rhythm to life.
Music in our heart.
Work to be done.
We each have a part.

And it’s all good.

Good Good Good Good

God says it’s good.
Good Good Good Good

(Thanks everyone, you did good!)