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Monday, August 30, 2010

an altar in the world

My summer preaching series was focused on the Lord's Prayer. At the end of summer, and the series, I realized that the prayer can be understood as an invitation not just to pray those words, or to a life of prayer, but actually to a whole way of living, that incorporates awe, and humility, and ethics, and compassion.

As I was preparing for this week's sermon, I listened to portions of a book by the Rev. Dr. Barbra Brown Taylor, called "An Altar in the World". I made reference to this book as I introduced the Old Testament reading from the Book Of Exodus, which described Moses' encounter with the burning bush. For Moses, the burning bush represented the presence of the mystery of God.

I highly recommend "An Altar in the World", as a guide to things we can do on a daily basis that may help us become more aware of God's presence. Here is a video clip from Youtube, of an interview with Barabara Brown Taylor: