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Monday, April 11, 2011

Something Fishy

This past December my wife, Lexie, who is the minister at another United Church here in Oakville, hosted a public reading of the book “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever’, by Barbara Robinson. It was a great event.

I learned from some of the members at Trinity that back in 1985, the Trinity Youth Group presented a musical adaptation of the play based on the same book. A video recording was made of that presentation. I have been watching the video, and uploading clips to the Trinity Youtube Channel. Here is a link to the latest upload:

I don’t recognize any of the young people on stage for the production. I wish I had a list of those who were in the show. Where I see people who look familiar is in the audience- they are all looking towards the stage- but I have seen the backs of some of those heads before!

When I look at the stage- the front of the Trinity sanctuary, I can see some small things that are different from the set up these days. (There were changes made in the recent restoration of the building following some significant water damage.) One constant that stands out for me is a green banner, that displays an ancient Celtic symbol of the Trinity, a Triquetra.

The Triquetra is a symbol from Celtic culture that actually predates Christianity, but which was easily adopted, and put to use, after the “Christianization” of Ireland. (The three fishes can be interpreted to represent the Creator, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.)

I would be very interested to know the history of that banner.