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Thursday, June 23, 2011

love your t-shirt

We learn about the possibility of love, and the reality of love, in and through the relationships in our lives. If we experience healthy, life-giving, encouraging love and support from the people in our lives, it may be easier for us to believe that love is real, and good, and worth working at. It may also be easier for us to believe that it is worth the risks involved, in daring to love.

The opposite is also true. If we have experienced unhealthy relationships, and a lack of good support from the people in our lives, we may find it very difficult to trust that love is real, and good for us. We may hesitate to put ourselves “out there”, and risk being hurt.

The cartoon I am including below, from the Naked Pastor says it well. As people of faith, and in how we behave in groups, such as our churches, our actions, words, choices, and our attitudes convey a lot. I am also including the cartoonist’s comments. I recommend you check out his website at

I’ve heard the sentence, “God loves you!” so many times. And it has meant so many things. It has meant:

God loves even you, you measly little runt!

“God loves you, but he doesn’t like you very much.”

“God loves you. It’s a miracle!”

“God loves me, which authorizes me to inform you that God loves you, but only through me.”

“God loves me more than you. But that means he still loves you. Kinda.”

Love is love. The One who loves is love. Can blessing (love) and cursing (hate) come from the same spring? Love.